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My name is Yohan, I am the Founder and CEO of REVELO.

REVELO was born during lockdown when laping the local square became annoying.

A sudden thrill to sell my bike and build a new one sourcing parts myself. While on this adventure I realised how much a dedicated platform was needed, especially for second hand.

This is how REVELO was born!


Some were born to shine on a bike, like the 4x Tour de France Winner - Chris Froome, 6x Downhill Mountain Bike World Champion - Rachel Atherton, or the 9x BMX Flat World Champion - Matthias Dandois.

Most are like us at REVELO, simply cruising the countryside, challenging ourselves on some steep slopes or just commuting, riding the streets and exploring the city.

But it all started the same way, one of the very first thing we learn as a child is how to ride a Velo.



REVELO is a marketplace dedicated to second hand, promoting circular economy for anything velo related.

At REVELO we strongly believe that quality items are made to last. So we believe they should not be thrown away, rather given a second ride.